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Help your investee companies build crucial financial disciplines

At Finling, we understand that you want your investee companies to grow and to meet their objectives.

To help you do this, we support often inexperienced entrepreneurs with the crucial financial disciplines they need along the way.

This is for you if...

  • You are managing multiple investee companies
  • Your investees are not as financially savvy as you (or they) would like
  • Your reporting needs include ratios and trends, such as cash burn, return on investment, and so on

When you recommend us to your investee companies, you are recommending a team that operates a thorough, high quality management accounting service.

How we support you (and your investees)

We will:

  • Work to the timescales that you require for management reporting, statutory accounts and so on
  • Work to the same rigorous standards that you would expect from an established mid-size corporate’s finance department
  • Ensure that numbers reported are fully checked and reconciled at each period end, whether quarterly or monthly
  • Make sure that R&D and similar tax credits are applied for in a timely fashion
  • Ensure that opportunities for enhancing cash flows into the business are not missed

If you would like us to report on your whole portfolio we can set up a multi-company dashboard and reporting system.

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