Finling for Finance Directors


Fully or partially outsourcing your finance function is increasingly becoming the smart option for both growing and established businesses.

Outsourcing allows you to tap into a wider range of finance expertise whilst reducing the burden of hiring, training and retaining staff. We support finance directors in scaling and established businesses by providing regular and on-demand services and integrating seamlessly with your business.


At Finling, we understand that a Finance Director is a scarce and expensive resource, and should be working at a strategic level in order to deliver maximum value to a business.

What we do is take away all the administration of transaction processing and period-end processing – it’s like having your own finance team and financial controller on tap leaving you free to add strategic value.


 What are the benefits of outsourcing part or all of your finance function to Finling?


We bring in experienced and specialist resource from our network to support

more complex work.


You can count on us to provide seamless scaling without the uneven jumps and shortfalls in resource or skills of a small in-house team.


We provide cover when staff

are away to ensure you never miss deadlines or compliance requirements.


Speed up the monthly close and reporting cycle with a fully paperless office.


Excellent real-time process and data availability to support you in advising leadership and making important business decisions.


…And ultimately, free up your time as a Finance Director to concentrate on what you do best.


How does it work?

All proposals are 100% tailored to your business needs.


Schedule a free call with us to discuss your needs


We’ll prepare a plan with a fixed price and timetable


We’ll start executing the plan together and relieving your business stress